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We are Blue World Seafood. Why step on board with us?

Sustainability, quality and integrity. These core values are everywhere in our organisation. From our partnerships with customers and suppliers to our quality marks and certificates. Because only by putting these values first, we can offer you the very best products and guarantee the best service. Each and every day.

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Quality; our priority. In our products and in our business relations

We supply fish of the very highest quality. And we never settle for less. If a product doesn’t meet our strict quality requirements, we don’t supply it. Keeping people informed is key and is how we ensure that we never disappoint anyone. This ensures that we maintain our valuable and fruitful relationships with customers and suppliers.

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Sustainability Looking to the future

Of course, we could come up with a stunning story to demonstrate just how sustainable all our work is. But at Blue World Seafood, we prefer to put our money where our mouth is. And that goes much further than a quality mark or two

When deciding whether to start a partnership with a supplier or introduce a fish species, we focus on factors including quotas, techniques used and employment conditions

And all this with just one goal in mind: a better world. For this generation and the generations that follow.

Quality In our products and in our business relations

Of course, at Blue World Seafood, we only work with the very highest quality fish. But quality goes further than just a beautifully cut loin. Much further.

Because there’s no benefit in being able to supply top quality today if you have nothing left for tomorrow. That’s why sustainability is a huge and important part of our process. As is integrity.

You see, everything is interconnected.

Integrity Without each other there’s no product

We look further than just supplying top quality products. For us, the human aspect is just as important. Because you can only go for quality if your people are behind your product and are proud of what they do.

We achieve this through partnerships with our suppliers and customers, by informing our suppliers about movements in the market and by looking ahead. We tell our customers everything about the origin of certain fish species so that if something isn’t in stock, they know why. This enables us to maintain our quality. Together.




In our products and in our business relations


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