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The Blue World Vision | Looking to the future

Blue World Seafood works in partnership with others to supply the very best quality. Not only today, but in thirty years’ time too, so future generations can also enjoy stunning fish products.

One way we do this is by excluding suppliers who are not transparent about their fishing methods. We also don’t touch products if we’re not absolutely sure about their origin. We also look further than labels and quality marks. The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, the WWF, farming methods and scientific studies on fish stocks are all also on our radar. We want to ensure that there’s zero tolerance for illegal fishing and other fishing industry abuses on the market.

How it all started Blue World Seafood

Blue World Seafood started under the wings of the Esro Food Group. Customers first became familiar with the very finest quality fish under the Esro Seafood name. And people really took notice. Within a short period of time, we expanded from new market player to a full-fledged and mature company. Of course, with our own identity, a mountain of expertise and a huge range of high-quality products. We are now an unmistakeable player in our field.

Have we already been introduced?

The Blue World Method This is how we work.

We guarantee sustainable quality by adhering to our core sustainability, quality and integrity values and applying these everywhere. Time and time again. We do this through genuine and open partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

Would we accept anything less? Never. We’d prefer to sell ‘nothing’ than a product that didn’t meet our quality standards.

Jerrold Giesen
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