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British Columbia 2023

Recently, we paid a visit to our suppliers on the west coast of Canada, British Columbia. A region renowned for its exceptional quality of fisheries products. It is in this area that our Black Cod and Sockeye Salmon originate.

British Columbia harbour (picture via Pexels)
Canadian Flag (picture via Pexels)

Gindara or Sablefish

In the 1970s, the commercial fishing of Black Cod (also known as Gindara or Sablefish) began in this region. It was during this time that the high omega-3 content of this fish was discovered. We exclusively import our Black Cod from Canada, as the country has an excellent reputation for this particular fish. Canadian fishing vessels are known for their practice of immediately freezing the fish onboard after catch, ensuring the preservation of its freshness.

Marinated Black Cod

Also available in fillets!

We have been supplying Black Cod Headed & Gutted to our customers for quite some time, and it has been a successful venture. Due to this success, we are now introducing Black Cod fillets, specifically catered to restaurants. In light of this, we visited the processing facility where these fillets are prepared. During our tour, although it wasn’t Black Cod season at the time, we had the opportunity to witness the packaging process of Spot Prawns.

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The remarkable life of wild salmon

In the same factory, our Sockeye Salmon, which belongs to one of the six species of Pacific salmon, is also filleted. The life cycle of all wild salmon is actually quite similar: after being born, they swim thousands of kilometers into the ocean, only to instinctively return to freshwater. Back in fresh water, these Salmon leap over rapids, elude predators to find their birth stream (the Fraser River). To reach this destination, the salmon ensure that they have fat stored in their bodies.

Our Sockeye Salmon is caught in the Salish Sea, where the salmon aim to swim up the Fraser River. Due to the high fat content, our wild salmon is of the finest quality available. This Fraser River run occurs once every four years.

The Sockeye Salmon fillets we offer have a red colour, a rich flavour and firm flesh.

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We had Sockeye Salmon for dinner!
Salmon Migration
Salmon jump over rapids (photo taken by us from a wall photo at Quinsam River Salmon Hatchery)

First Nations

Our supplier works closely with the We Wai Kai Nation, one of the various indigenous tribes of Canada. This group has faced oppression in the past but is now actively involved in fishing.

During our visit, we had the privilege of meeting Ronnie, a fisherman and the chairman of this Nation. He shared his story with us, along with the story of Canada’s original inhabitants. Fishing is an age-old tradition for them: so they have a lot of knowledge of the life cycles of the available fish species in the area. Ronnie, for instance, knows precisely when the wild salmon will return.

Thanks to the active partnership with the First Nations, we can catch these highest-quality products!

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We Wai Kai Nation
Boat in Canada
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