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Japan 2022

Last month our colleagues returned from a two-week working visit to Japan.

This visit had multiple purposes: to visit our Hamachi partners and to gain product knowledge to add possible new products to our assortment.

Visit to our Hamachi supplier

All Japanese, sushi chefs based in Europe ask for it, the original Japanese Hamachi (Latin name: Seriola quinqueradiata). This fish is farmed at sea and therefore it is subject to natural influences resulting in a higher fat percentage and richer taste. When slaughtering our Hamachi, the Iki-Jime method is applied. By using this method, the quality of the meat remains optimal. Did you know that we only buy Hamachi that has been slaughtered in the winter period? This is the best fishing period because the water is cold, and the fish gets fat.

We stand for our core values sustainability, quality and integrity in product but also in relationships with our suppliers. By visiting our suppliers and staying in contact with them, we can maintain a long-term relationship. By doing so, we let our customers benefit from stable quality and supply at market prices. During our trip, our supplier proudly showed us the entire process from farming at sea to the production of a frozen Hamachi fillet.

Did you know that it is a tradition in Japan, to eat this fish at New Year? It is known as the fish of fortune. You can read more about it on our Hamachi product page. We sell this authentic Japanese product mainly to food service with a focus on sushi.

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Sushi in Japan versus Europe

In addition to the various supplier visits, we also visited several restaurants. And there we noticed a big difference in sushi preparations between Japanese and Western cuisine.

In Japan you mainly find Nigiri and Gunkan and less often Uramaki, which is regularly found on European menus. Also, Japanese chefs more frequently use products such as: seaweed, tuna and salmon and almost no avocado and cream cheese.

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Nigiri en Gunkan
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