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Our Tuna Day!

In 2023, we had a „Tuna day“ that consisted of a tuna filleting session and tuna meal preparation.

A Tuna-Tastic Team!

Our team is growing significantly, it consists of 13 enthusiastic colleagues! We believe it’s important that everyone in our organization has a good understanding of our products, especially our best-selling product: Tuna! That’s why on Thursday September 28th 2023, we invited Master Filleter Arie Kuijt to fillet a tuna for our team. This filleting session took place at MOOD Strijp-S, a beautiful Asian restaurant in Eindhoven with a spacious kitchen. For this ‚Tuna day‘ day, he brought along an impressive yellowfin tuna weighing 36 kilograms!

Which Tuna is the best?

Let's fillet a Yellowfin tuna!

From poke bowls to tacos!

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