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Our Tuna Day!

Our team is growing significantly and today it consists of 16 enthusiastic colleagues! We believe it’s important that everyone in our organization has a good understanding of our products, especially our best-selling product: Tuna! That’s why last Thursday (on September 28th), we invited Arie Kuijt to fillet a tuna for our team!

This filleting session took place at MOOD Strijp-S, a beautiful restaurant with a spacious kitchen. For those who may not know Arie, he is renowned as a master fillet expert. On this day, he brought along an impressive yellowfin tuna weighing 36 kilograms!

The Yellowfin Tuna

The „yellowfin tuna“ is the only tuna species we have in our range. Did you know that there are actually about 40 different tuna species? The yellowfin tuna gets its name from the beautiful yellow fins on both the top and bottom of its body. This tuna has a richer flavour compared to Albacore tuna and is sustainably caught.

A beautiful, red tuna!

Arie expertly placed the tuna on the worktop. Once all our colleagues had gathered and the three cameras (more footage follows) were rolling, the „master fillet expert“ began filleting the tuna. For an hour and a half, he carefully removed every part of the tuna and shared his knowledge with us.

He explained that after each tuna is caught, a sample is taken by inserting a Sashibo under the fin. This Sashibo is similar to a narrow iron pin. The sample reveals the redness of the flesh, which directly affects the price. Because in the world of tuna, it is known that the redder the colour, the higher the price.

We were also taught the difference between the back and belly of the tuna. The belly part is often a bit fatter and therefore lighter in colour, while the back part is usually considered the most prized part because of its darker red colour.

During this informative session, our team had the chance to taste all parts of the filleted tuna, and as always: tastes differ!

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