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Vietnam 2022

Of course, it is important to know your own product inside and out. Therefore, it was now the turn of two colleagues from sales to go along to Vietnam. To meet the suppliers of one of our core products: Tuna.

Because we keep visiting these suppliers and the production locations several times a year, we know for sure that they can meet our high demands on quality and sustainability. We have been coming here for years, which means that through the partnership with our supplier, we can guarantee stable quality.

Regular versus sashimi

Did you know that we have tuna available in two different grades? The regular tuna and the red sashimi tuna, both with the same Latin name: Thunnus albacares also known as Yellowfin tuna. The regular tuna is untreated and has its own natural color. The sashimi quality tuna we call red because it has a red color. For the latter, through the use of innovative techniques we can ensure that it retains its original color even at temperatures of -18°C. If we not use these techniques? Then the tuna loses its red color. So you can probably imagine that this red colored tuna coming from the Yellowfin tuna, sometimes confuses!

All our tuna is available in our own premium Blue World Seafood brand and available both with MSC certification and without certification. Due to our distinctive packaging and high quality (and traceability), we have been supplying all our products to wholesalers across Europe for many years. In the last quarter of 2022 we have added two new products to our tuna range, which are: tuna tartare and tuna slices. Both products come from the need of having convenience and no food waste.

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Our colleagues with our sashimi red tuna loin and chunk

Value added shrimps

Besides the tuna suppliers, our colleagues also visited our shrimp suppliers. Before being allowed to enter the hall, everyone was completely wrapped up. Just like all the employees there. Here, besides our current assortment of value added shrimps, they also tried other breaded shrimps, such as the popcorn shrimp and a shrimp with seaweed extract.

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