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Black Cod Fillets

Black Cod (Sablefish), also known as Gindara in Japanese, is found in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean. Following the huge success of our Headed & Gutted, we’re now offering the product in fillets!

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Black Cod

Commercial name Black Cod Fillets
Latin name Anoplopoma fimbria
Origin Canada
Catch area FAO 67
Specifications IQF, Skin-on, Deboned, 100% N.W.
Packaging IVP in a 10kg master carton
Size 400-600g and 600-800g


Did you know that Black Cod is not related to cod fish? It actually belongs to the scorpionfish and flathead families. The name “Black Cod” was given to increase its popularity.

Our Black Cod is caught in Canadian waters, where this deep-sea fish enjoys an excellent reputation. The practice of immediately freezing the fish on board (FAS) helps preserve its freshness and delicate flavor. Once the fish reaches land, it is filleted and individually packaged.

A world-renowned restaurant chain is famous for featuring Black Cod in their delicious “Black Cod Miso” dish. Our fillets are perfectly suited for your restaurant and will certainly meet your culinary expectations.

If you’re searching for Black Cod that’s processed according to the Headed and Gutted specification, click here.

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