made from Capelin roe


Masago are eggs of the capelin and it is taken from the cleanest area of Northern Atlantic ocean.  The eggs are naturally coloured. These eggs lend themselves perfectly to any colourful sushi garnish.

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made from Capelin roe
Commercial name Masago
Latin name Mallotus villosus
Origin Iceland
Catch area FAO 27
Specifications Available in red, orange, green (wasabi) and black
Packaging 500g box in a 6kg master carton

Finish it into a Poké Bowl

Masago is often mentioned in the same breath as other fish roe, such as Tobiko. The difference between Masago and Tobiko? The former’s eggs are smaller, so it is often considered more pleasant for garnishing any sushi roll. In addition, the flavour is milder, making it perfect with soy sauce or ginger. You don’t prefer sushi? Then finish it into a Poké Bowl.

The product comes in four colours in our own premium brand.

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