A plant-based alternative to Tobiko


Our Tosago is a colourful garnish for every sushi roll and is also suitable for vegans. It’s not made from fish roe like Tobiko, but from seaweed.

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made from seaweed
Commercial name Tosago
Latin name Made from seaweed that’s a member of the Phaeophyceae family
Origin Denmark
Catch area FAO 27
Specifications Available in orange, yellow, green and black
Packaging 500g box in a 3kg master carton

A colourful vegetarian addition

Seaweed has already gained a lot of ground in European cuisine and it’s high time that seaweed was available as ‘fish roe’ too; hence our Tosago. This natural product can be used in the same way as masago or tobiko, namely as a colourful garnish for every sushi roll.

We stock four colours of Tosago, also known as seaweed caviar: green, black, yellow and orange. It comes packed in 500 g containers and is supplied chilled.

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