Your eye-catching packaging, our amazing product! 

Red tuna tartare

Our commitment to high quality products and responding to our customers’ requests have led to a new wonderful addition to our range, developed specially for retail and foodservice: Red Tuna Tartare in Skin Pack trays. The possibilities in terms of product and packaging are almost endless…

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Red Tuna Tartare

Sashimi quality
Commercial name Red Tuna Tartare
Latin name Thunnus albacares
Origin Vietnam
Catch area FAO 71/77
Specifications Skinless, boneless, 100% N.W.
Packaging Skin pack trays
Certificates MSC available

Frozen and fresh: we've got you covered!

Since September 2023 we also deliver Red Tuna Tartare in Skin Pack trays!

We understand the essence of quality, which is why we have packaged tartare in a way that maintains their premium taste while offering convenience to our retailers and foodservice.

What sets us apart is not only the quality, but also the attention to detail in the packaging process. Having advanced in-house machinery, we are flexible in packaging options and product presentation.

Our Red Tuna Tartare in skin pack trays are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you prefer frozen or fresh, count on us to deliver the highest quality in your preferred packaging!

Your eye-catching packaging, our amazing product.

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