Lobster heads

The lobster at Blue World comes from the waters around Nova Scotia, which are among the cleanest waters in the world. The water temperature in is cold, so the armor of this lobster is hard. This protects the meat.

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Lobster heads

Commercial name Lobster heads
Latin name Homarus americanus
Origin Canada
Catch area FAO 21
Specifications Cooked
Packaging In a 13.61kg master carton
Certficates MSC

Perfect for bique de homard

After the lobster is cooked and its meat is carefully removed from the lobster, its body remains. Our IQF-frozen lobster bodies are the perfect solution for creating stocks and broths. Delivered in bulk packaging, this product can includes head, carapace (body shell), claws and/or tails.

Experience the ease of using these frozen lobster bodies to add lobster flavours to your seafood dishes.

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