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Lobster Meat

Blue World Seafood lobster is caught wild in Canada where the cold temperatures ensure lobster meat that is both firm and sweet in flavour. And that’s exactly what you get with our 100% lobster meat: 60% claw and 40% knuckle meat.

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Canadian Lobster Meat

60% Claw 40% Knuckle
Commercial name Lobster Meat
Latin name Homarus americanus
Origin Canada
Catch area FAO 21
Specifications Pre-cooked, consists of 60% claw, 40% knuckle
Packaging 2lb bags in 12 or 24lb carton


Our Lobster meat is 100% lobster and is pre-cooked at just the right temperature. The meat in the claws and arms is often described as tender and sweet. And you can rest assured that we’ve removed all the usable lobster meat from the lobster. The product can be consumed hot or cold after defrosting and is delicious in lobster soup!

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