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Lobster scored claws

Our lobster is caught sustainably in the Canadian waters around Nova Scotia. Lobster meat from this cold water lobster is firmer than meat from lobsters from warmer waters. As removing the meat is sometimes a challenge, we’ve found a solution: lobster claws that have been scored.

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Canadian Lobster

scored claws
Commercial name Lobster Claws
Latin name Homarus americanus
Origin Canada
Catch area FAO 21
Specifications Cooked and scored
Packaging 10lb master carton

The scoring means you have no fuss

As our lobster scored claw meat is tender and sweet in flavour, it’s the perfect addition to every fruits de mer platter. Each of our lobster claws is scored in various places so it’s easy for you to remove the meat from the shell.

Once the claw has been scored, it is pre-cooked and then frozen using IQF technology. The product is ready for consumption after defrosting.

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