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Canadian Lobster tails

Our lobsters have a hard shell that protects the tender meat. This shell is a product of their living environment. That’s because these lobsters come from the cold waters around Nova Scotia. What is this product known for? Its sweet flavour and outstanding quality.

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Lobster tails

Commercial name Lobster tails
Latin name Homarus americanus
Origin Canada
Catch area FAO 21
Specifications Raw, 100% N.W.
Packaging 10lb master carton
Size 3-4oz, 4oz, 4-5oz, 5-6oz
Certificates MSC

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Our lobster tails only come from hard-shell lobsters caught in the cold waters around Nova Scotia, Canada. We visit this supplier often, read about our experiences here in our Blue World Seafood Blog.

These lobsters have been harvested sustainably using creels. The raw lobster tails are then individually quick frozen (IQF) and packaged in a 4.54kg master carton. Known for their juicy and buttery texture, these Atlantic lobster tails are considered the best part of the lobster.

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