New Zealand's most iconic seafood

Half Shell Green-Lipped Mussels

You can recognise the Greenshell Mussel (or Green-lipped Mussel) from its black-brown shell with characteristic green decorative edge. It is known as one of the best mussels because of its large shell, ample tender meat and sweet taste.

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New Zealand mussels

in half shell
Commercial name Greenshell Mussel
Latin name Perna canaliculus
Origin New Zealand
Catch area Farmed
Specifications Half Shell, 100% N.W.
Packaging 800g box, 11.2kg carton
Packaging 1kg box, 12kg carton
Size Medium (30-45 pcs/kg)

Juicy, sweet and full of flavour

Greenshell Mussels are farmed in New Zealand using mussel lines suspended from ropes. This means that the mussel seeds are attached to lines that are then suspended above the seabed. The result? An amazing shellfish with a giant shell (much larger than the more common Chilean mussel) and lots of juicy and sweet flavoured meat. It’s also packed with protein: 100 grams of these mussels is equivalent to a quarter of your daily recommended amount! These mussels are cooked, left in the half shell and frozen. We deliver this product in both 800g and 1kg boxes.

New Zealand mussels are an ideal product for au gratin dishes and stir frying.

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