Oilfish fillets

Our Oilfish comes from the waters around Indonesia and is also known as Escolar or Snake Mackerel. As the name suggests, it is a fatty fish making it great for baking and smoking as well as for sushi.

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Commercial name Oilfish fillets
Latin name Lepidocybium flavobrunneum
Origin Indonesia
Catch area FAO 57
Specifications Skinless, 2-7kg, 90% N.W.
Specifications Skin-on, 2-4kg, 80% N.W.
Packaging IVP, 25kg carton

A firm structure and mild flavour

Butterfish (or Snake Mackerel) tastes rather like halibut or swordfish. The white Butterfish fillets have a firm texture and mild flavour, with the relatively high fat content making this fish fantastic for baking, smoking and grilling. This product is also often used for various sushi dishes.

Butterfish can reach up to two metres long and 45 kilos in weight. It swims at a depth of some 900 metres. The product is frozen immediately after catching so you can benefit from this at-sea frozen product throughout the year.

The fillets are available in various sizes and glazes and you can also choose from fillets with and without skin.

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