Oilfish steaks

Oilfish is also known as buttermackerel or escolar and comes from Indonesian waters. The fish has a high fat content, which makes it suitable for grilling and smoking.

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Oilfish steaks

Commercial name Oilfish steaks
Latin name Lepidocybium flavobrunneum
Origin Indonesia
Catch area FAO 57
Specifications 90% N.W.
Package 1kg bags in a 10kg mastercarton
Size 180-220g

A firm steak

Besides Oilfish fillets with and without skin, we also supply it in steaks. The color of this steak is white, the flavor mild and the structure firm. Did you know that all our oilfish are frozen immediately after being caught? This way, none of the quality is lost. The steaks come in a 1kg bag, which is packed in our own premium Blue World brand.

Serve this steak with a home-made tomato sauce!

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