Value Added Shrimp

Nobashi Ebi

These Value Added Shrimps are shrimps that we add value to in various ways. Each product is prepared, peeled or cut in a different way. The result is a user-friendly product that saves you so much time in the kitchen.

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Nobashi Ebi

Added value shrimp
Commercial name Nobashi Ebi
Latin name Litopenaeus vannamei
Origin Vietnam
Catch area Farmed
Specifications Peeled, raw, 100% N.W.
Size and packaging 21/25 | 300 gr per tray, 20 trays/carton
Size and packaging 26/30 | 260 gr per tray, 20 trays/carton

Ready for further preparation or processing

These shrimps are cleaned and the head is removed. In contrast to the precooked versions, these IQF-frozen shrimps are supplied raw. This makes the product excellent for further preparation in sushi-related dishes.

This Nobashi Ebi is mainly developed for sushi and Asian cuisine.

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