Value Added Shrimp

Vannamei Tempura

Our Value Added Shrimp. In on other words: shrimps that we add value to in various ways. Every product is prepared, cut or peeled in a different way. For extra convenience and time savings.

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Vannamei Tempura

Commercial name Vannamei Tempura
Latin name Litopenaeus vannamei
Origin Vietnam
Catch area Farmed
Specifications peeled, breaded, 40% shrimp, 100% N.W.
Size and packaging 2L | 250 gr/tray, 10 tray/carton, 2.5 kg carton
Size and packaging 3L | 1 kg box, 10 kg carton

Ready to use

These Vannamei Tempura are, like the other Value Added Shrimp, developed especially for Asian cuisine.

These shrimps are already cleaned for you and the head is removed. The elongated tail is pre-cooked and coated with a crispy tempura breadcrumb coating.

Vannamei Tempura don’t need to be defrosted and you can deep-fry them direct from frozen.

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