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Sockeye Salmon Fillets

Sockeye Salmon comes from Canada and Alaska and is only caught in a few months of the year. This means it’s not always available. The product is known for its distinctive red colour and fantastic flavour. Suitable for smoking, baking or steaming.

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Sockeye Salmon

Wild salmon
Commercial name Sockeye salmon
Latin name Oncorynchus Nerka
Origin Canada/Alaska
Catch area FAO 67
Specifications Fillets
Packaging IVP in totes and in a 5kg master carton
Size 400-700g, 700-1100g

Salmon of the very highest grade

The difference between wild and farmed salmon? Wild salmon doesn’t contain antibiotics and is lower in fat and fuller in flavour, which makes it higher grade.

Did you know that some five different types of salmon can be found in the ice-cold waters of Canada and Alaska? Sockeye salmon (also known as blue-back salmon) is perhaps the most stunning version. The fish is caught in June and July and is filleted and IVP frozen the same day by Blue World, ensuring that the fish retains all its vitamins and minerals.

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