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Red Tuna Loins

Our Tuna is caught in the Pacific Ocean and is processed in Vietnam. The tuna comes from areas where tuna is not overfished, enabling us to offer an MSC certified product that meets our high quality standards.

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Red Tuna Loins

Commercial name Yellowfin Tuna Loins
Latin name Thunnus albacares
Origin Vietnam
Catch area FAO 71/77
Specifications Skinless, boneless, 100% N.W.
Packaging IVP in 25kg master carton
Size 2kg+
Certificates MSC

Guaranteed stable quality

We have worked with a select number of producers for many years. This means we know for sure that they will meet our high quality and sustainability standards, enabling us to guarantee stable quality that will keep your customers coming back, time after time.

Our red tuna loins are frozen at sea and are excellent for further preparation as carpaccio or in sushi, for example. You can also slice the tuna into steaks for grilling.

Click here to find out how to store and defrost our tuna safely.

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Innovative techniques for retaining colour

We started as pioneers in the European market in 2015. Today, we’re proud to call ourselves market leader in our sector. This is partly due to our leading position in trends, quality and innovation.

We use certain techniques to protect our tuna products and ensure that they retain their original colour. This doesn’t happen by itself, certainly at temperatures of -18°C. Without this protection, the tuna would actually lose its red colour. Others have often tried to copy our innovative techniques, but nobody has been able to equal our results.

This, together with our many years’ experience and close cooperation with our partners, enables us to guarantee exceptional continuity, making ‘Blue World Tuna’ an unmistakeable phenomenon on the European market.

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