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Tuna Steaks

We are conscious about overfishing when catching our Yellowfin Tuna. That’s why we only catch in areas where tuna is present in abundance, including the Pacific Ocean. This enables us to offer an MSC certified product of the very highest quality.

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Tuna Steaks

Commercial name Tuna Steaks
Latin name Thunnus albacares
Origin Vietnam
Catch area FAO 71/77
Specifications skinless, boneless, 90% N.W.
Packaging IVP, 1 kg bag
Size 180-220 g
Certificates MSC

Guaranteed stable quality

Our producers and suppliers meet our high quality and sustainability standards. We can be absolutely certain of that because we’ve been working with a select number of producers for many years. This relationship enables us to guarantee stable quality; something your customers will keep coming back for.

Our Tuna Steaks are frozen at sea and are portioned on land. The steaks are supplied in 1 kilo bags and are vacuum packed individually; a packaging method that’s fantastic for both catering and consumer sales. Tuna steaks are great for shallow frying or grilling.

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