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Our soybeans are immature legumes from the soya plant. For this product our small, round and glossy green beans are shelled for you. The beans are mainly used in Asian restaurants.

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Edamame soybeans

Commercial name Edamame
Latin name Glycine max
Origin China
Catch area Farmed
Specifications Frozen, shelled, blanched and unsalted
Packaging 500g bags, 10kg master carton

Full of protein and fibre!

Soybeans are healthy because they’re full of protein, minerals and fibre. The beans have a sweet and nutty flavour. What can you use our soybeans for? Enhance your Asian salad!

Blue World soybeans are blanched, which means that the beans are boiled briefly at a high temperature before being frozen immediately to retain all their nutrients. Make sure you defrost and cook the beans before use. Then simply season to taste and they’re ready to enjoy.

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