Wakame salad

Wakame salad is a salad made from seaweed. The seaweed, farmed in Asia, is brown in colour but turns green when cooked. The cooking process gives this salad its distinctive flavour and crispy bite. The product is very well-known in Asian cuisine.

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Wakame Salad

Made from 72% seaweed
Commercial name Wakame salad
Latin name Undaria pinnatifida
Origin China
Catch area Farmed
Specifications 72% Seaweed
Packaging 500g or 1kg bags in 10kg master carton

Endless uses

Did you know that seaweed salad is healthy and is full of vitamins and minerals? Wakame is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed hot and cold. In Japanese cuisine, it is served as a salad with sushi or is added to miso soup. As the salad is slightly acidic in flavour, it also adds a fantastic finishing touch to every poké bowl.

Blue World Seafood wakame salad comprises 72% seaweed and is ready for consumption after defrosting.

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