Every sector has different requirements

Like a fish in water

In our professional field, we feel like a fish in water between all these different sectors. For instance, we know that each sector sets its own standards and has its own requirements. They also all have their own specifications and packaging. A smokery, for example, wants a slightly different product than a wholesaler who supplies to a market stall. And you can’t supply the same tuna to a sushi restaurant as you supply to a producer of meal salads. We think that’s logical. Different product knowledge is required for each sector and Blue World Seafood has that knowledge in abundance. That’s because we listen to the needs of our customers. We then determine together which product is the best match. The result? Countless customers and partners who are more than satisfied. And that’s why we do it.

Sustainable quality: the standard across the board

Quality. That’s what our customers, you, demand. In whatever sector you work in. From smokery to supplier of sushi restaurants to a wholesaler who supplies market stalls. Blue World Seafood ensures that our range meets every requirement from every sector.

We don’t do that by working with various gradings per product. We work with just one grade. The best, most sustainable quality that’s available. You can count on that.

With passion for the trade

Everything you do, you do with passion, including the marketing of your product or service. You’re linking your name to these products and then sharing these with an extremely critical audience. And that’s something you’d prefer to do with flying colours. How do you do that? By offering the highest possible quality from the very first moment.

Something we really understand at Blue World Seafood. We also work on our products and the service we provide with passion every single day. We don’t do this without reason. Because it’s only by doing this that we can guarantee you the very highest quality, not only today but tomorrow too. Together we go for gold. With passion, every single day.


Jerrold Giesen
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