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Only the best is good enough

From general wholesale catering to specialist fish supplier. Blue World Seafood is your partner in high-quality frozen products. Quality and sustainability come first in this.

Sashimi grade fish We like it raw

We are leaders in the market with our specialised sushi and sashimi range. Our products, from Red Tuna to Ebi-Fry Shrimps, are renowned for their top quality. Foodservice organisations and Asian wholesalers queue up for these. Experience it yourself!

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Communication The basis of our service

A good relationship starts with good communication, which is why our account managers are there to help you. They’ll be delighted to offer innovative ideas, creative solutions and customised advice. If there are any price or stock changes, we’ll let you know straight away so you know you always have enough stock.

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Blue World Seafood sets the standard

Every single day, our team of food professionals continues its search for products that meet our high quality and sustainability standards. And once we’ve found these, we process these products according to our customers’ specifications. Almost everything is possible. Our efficient logistics transport lines then supply these orders to some 35 countries.

With our premium Blue World branding, we’re setting the standard in the market. Something your customers will keep coming back for.


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