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In the spotlight: Camiel

In 2024, we will celebrate our 15-year anniversary. Our team consists of 16 colleagues, some of whom have been with us for a long time.

One of them is Camiel Brillouet, who had been working with us for five years as of July 2023. It was, therefore, time to interview this colleague!

How it started

Camiel, currently 28 years old and living in Son en Breugel, has previously worked in various restaurants in both the mid-range and higher segments, which is where his passion for delicious and good food comes from.

After completing his studies, he worked for a company involved in data analysis. ‘I quickly realized that I had a stronger connection with hospitality businesses. Through Indeed, I came across Esro Seafood, where a vacancy for a French-speaking account manager was open.’ Due to Camiel’s French background, he speaks fluent French. Currently, he is the first point of contact for our customers in France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus.

Camiel during our photoshoot
'Long-lasting customer relationships are more important than closing a quick deal'

Having a relationship with my customers, that's what I like.

Camiel joined us in 2018 and experienced the transition from Esro Seafood to Blue World Seafood.’During the time that I worked for Esro Seafood, the focus was mainly on commodity products. When we transitioned to Blue World Seafood, we shifted our focus to higher-end products, where building sustainable customer relationships is important.’

Having these customer relationships are among the most enjoyable aspects of Camiel’s work. ‘Since I have been here for a while, I have built relationships with my customers. It feels like I add value to every customer, providing advice and even going out to eat with them during business trips. That’s what makes my job enjoyable.’

He also tells that over the years, he has come to realize that having long-lasting customer relationships is far more important than simply closing quick deals. ‘Being transparent with the customer is crucial. In the past, I was too positive. I’ve learned that you can only build something meaningful by being honest.’

Camiel during a supplier visit in Vietnam, 2019
Camiel during a supplier visit, 2023
Camiel during Seafood Expo Global, 2023

A warm organisation that offers freedom

We asked Camiel to describe Blue World Seafood to family and friends, he responds, ‘It’s a warm organisation that offers a lot of freedom and treats you with respect. We have a small team, but it’s a real team.’

Thank you!

Finally, Camiel wanted to express his gratitude to all his colleagues for the opportunities he has been given and the support he has experienced during his time at Blue World Seafood. He looks forward to the future and hopes to continue working with this amazing team for many more years.

We want to thank Camiel for his dedication over the past five years, and we have full confidence in the great things he will accomplish in the coming period with us.

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