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Our Tuna Day!

In 2023, we had a « Tuna day » that consisted of a tuna filleting session and tuna meal preparation.

A Tuna-Tastic Team!

Our team is growing significantly, it consists of 13 enthusiastic colleagues! We believe it’s important that everyone in our organization has a good understanding of our products, especially our best-selling product: Tuna! That’s why on Thursday September 28th 2023, we invited Master Filleter Arie Kuijt to fillet a tuna for our team. This filleting session took place at MOOD Strijp-S, a beautiful Asian restaurant in Eindhoven with a spacious kitchen. For this ‘Tuna day’ day, he brought along an impressive yellowfin tuna weighing 36 kilograms!

Which Tuna is the best?

Let's fillet a Yellowfin tuna!

Once Arie finished filleting, Eveline Wu took over. Eveline is the owner of MOOD Strijp-S and is renowned as one of the best chefs in the region where we are based: Eindhoven. She’s also known from the (Dutch) TV program 24Kitchen, where she regularly creates the most beautiful dishes. During our ‘Tuna Day’ she prepared several gorgeous, simple, and delicious tuna dishes, including a poke bowl, tacos, and maki. Each dish was a feast for the eyes and incredibly tasty! We would like to thank her for her hospitality!

Would you like to learn more about our red tuna? We’re always happy to share our passion for this amazing product!

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From poke bowls to tacos!

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