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Boston and Canada 2023

In March 2023 our colleagues returned from a one-week working trip to Boston and Canada.

This visit had multiple purposes: to connect with several partners and to visit our lobster supplier.

Seafood Expo North America

In March 2023, we had the pleasure of attending the Seafood Expo North America in Boston, which is the largest seafood expo in America. It provided us with the opportunity to connect with current and potential suppliers and expand our product knowledge!


Seafood Expo 2023

Black Cod: Prized by Seafood Lovers!

Two of our top-selling products, Black Cod and Lobster, are sourced from the cold waters of Canada. Black Cod, which is highly prized by seafood lovers worldwide, is caught in the North Pacific Ocean. Read here more about our visit to our Black Cod supplier. If you’re curious to learn more about this fish, you can also find additional information here.

A variety of lobsters

Lobsters come in a variety of characteristics and flavours and are caught all over the world. Examples include the European (Eastern Scheldt) lobster and the warm-water lobster, which only has meat in the tail! But did you know that all our lobster products are sourced in Canada? Here, the fishery industry places a strong emphasis on sustainable practices and responsible management of fish stocks! Having Canadian Lobsters, our customers can enjoy a variety of preparation options, including boiling, grilling, baking or roasting.

After the expo, we headed to Prince Edward Island, where our lobster supplier is located. We believe it’s crucial to visit our partners and production sites regularly to ensure they meet our high standards for quality and sustainability. The best quality lobsters in Canada can be found in the spring months of May and June, and so we had the opportunity to only tour the factory during this time.

Canadian lobsters are famed worldwide due to their succulent meat and rich flavor, as well as their versatility. Our lobster range includes a diverse selection of products, including whole lobsters cooked, lobster tails, lobster meat, lobster bodies. Click here if you like to request a sample!

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