Sashimi grade

Red Tuna Chunks

Our tuna is caught in the Pacific Ocean and processed in Vietnam. It originates from regions where tuna is sustainably harvested, allowing us to provide an MSC certified product that aligns with our stringent quality standards.

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Red Tuna Chunks

Commercial name Red Tuna Chunks
Latin name Thunnus albacares
Origin Vietnam
Catch area FAO 71/77
Specifications Skinless, boneless, 100% N.W.
Packaging IVP in 25kg master carton
Size 1-2kg, 2-4kg, 2kg+ (MSC)
Certificates MSC available

Guaranteed quality

We’ve teamed up with trusted partners for many years, ensuring they meet our high quality and sustainability standards. This means we consistently offer top-notch products that’ll keep your customers coming back for more.

Our red tuna chunks are frozen at sea, are top quality and versatile. This tuna product is great for making carpaccio or sushi, and you can even slice them into steaks for grilling.


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Innovative techniques for retaining colour

In 2015, we began our journey as pioneers in the European market. Today we are proud of our title of market leader in our sector, a testament to our steadfast commitment to setting trends, maintaining top quality and driving innovation.

Maintaining the vibrant colour of our tuna products requires special techniques, especially at temperatures as low as -18°C. Without these measures, the rich red colour of the tuna would be lost. Although others have tried to copy our innovative methods, no one has been able to match our results.

With our extensive experience and close partnerships, we ensure unparalleled consistency, making “Blue World Tuna” an unmistakable presence in the European market.

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